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Byzantine Historical Drama TV Series

Based on the award winning script

"Byzance" by Pam Theodotou

Pilot written by Pam Theodotou & Michael Mollick

In the twilight of ancient Rome, an unlikely trio forges the rise of the powerful Byzantine Empire; a cunning Greek boy who ascends to the throne of the world, a young soldier destined for fame as Rome’s greatest general, and a prostitute who would become Empress to rule them all.

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Gothic Horror Drama TV Series

Based on the Cinemagraphic Novel by Pam Theodotou

Pandora is the secret autobiography of Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein. A pawn in a game of immortal figures and secret societies, she is manipulated by John Franklin, an American revolutionary, who’s secret to immortality has made him, and Mary, a target of the most powerful men in the world; The Masonic Brotherhood and the Illuminati.

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WWII Supernatural Drama TV Series

Based on the Cinemagraphic Novel by Pam Theodotou

A film-noir tale of anti hero Tom Stark, a WWII  navy veteran with supernatural abilities due to his participation in the Philadelphia Experiment, he is hunted by US and foreign government agencies, which has made him both assassin and target. A fugitive, he searches for a Nazi cure developed by the Third Reich during their trans-dimensional experiments.

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Supernatural Feature Film

By Pam Theodotou

Pakal the Great, of the legendary lost city of Palenque with its Maya ball courts and towering pyramids, has awoken in 1955 from his 1000-year sleep. Immortal God to his people, steeped in the cult rituals of the ancient Maya, he must find and gather together a mythical group of humans, immortals, changelings and witches to battle the Lords of Night and their overlord Camazotz, who is bent on destroying the world and bringing to pass the Maya apocalypse. A young woman, Huna, and her brother, a were-panther, are the reincarnation of the Maya hero twins of old, the key to the defeat of the Lords from the underworld.


Family Adventure Feature Film

By Pam Theodotou

The ancient Icelandic Sagas speak of 4 guardians that rise up to protect the land when times of trouble, but the Dragon, Griffin, Giant and Bull have not been seen in a millennia. When Runa, a young girl with a terminal disease begins hearing voices, he parents worry that they will loose their little girl, but Runa knows the voice is real, it belongs to a dragon buried in the landscape, and she must find it. The great adventure begins as the Dragon gives Runa purpose, to find the three other children that are linked to the guardians so that the mythical heroes may awaken and protect the world against a growing threat that will destroy the world. ....

The true story of American Helen Valiatzas Theodotou, an OSS operative and member of the Greek resistance in Nazi occupied Greece, she learned Greek by listening to the songs of national heroine Sophia Vempo, the Edith Piaf of the people, and to speak German from the SS Officer who lived in her family home. Forced to work for the Nazi high command as a translator to keep her family safe, she used her position to aid unofficial American troops made up solely of  Greek Americans who had volunteered to parachute into Greece to support the Greek Resistance and defeat the Third Reich on the soil of their ancient ancestral homeland.


WWII Historical Drama Feature Film

By Pam Theodotou




NYXFILM was created in 2002 by Writer Director Pam Theodotou